Looking for a New Bike? Here’s What You Need to Know

Bicycles offer you freedom, transportation, exercise, and meditation all rolled into one easy-to-use package. However, you need to actually get a bike, and the options available are so many that it can be a bit confusing. Before you head out to a bike shop in Austin, arm yourself with the following information, so the purchasing process becomes easier.

Consider what type of riding you will be doing

The first thing you need to figure out is the kind of riding you will want to participate in. There are many bike types in the market, read this here to find out about the most popular, and knowing what each type is best suited for will help narrow down your list. Each bike is made for riding on a specific kind of surface, while others are versatile enough that you can ride them on different surfaces.

The different types of bikes available are:

  • Road bikes – best for pavement riding. They include endurance, racing, touring, and cyclocross bikes.
  • Mountain bikes – best for gravel roads and rugged trails. Options available include all-mountain, cross-country, and trail bicycles.
  • Hybrid bikes – these are best for riding on moderate gravel and dirt roads as well as pavements.
  • Specialty bikes – like electric, cargo, cruiser, and folding bikes are best suited for pavement riding.

Your budget

Quality adult bikes can cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but there are also cheap options that feature poor assembly – and bring you zero riding fun. A good bike should last you for years due to a sturdy metal frame, a wide-range drivetrain or even cable-activated disk brakes. As you choose your ride, it is critical that you study the bicycle additional info either from the manufacturer or at a bike shop in Austin.

Testing your ride

Once you have identified your ideal bike, the next step is going down to the bike shop for a test ride. However, remember to dress the part and carry your credit card even if you don’t plan on purchasing the bike on the same day. Ask the staff to set the bike up for you by setting the suspension for a proper fit, inflating the tyres, and adjusting the seat.

During the ride, test all the gears, observe how the bicycle handles corners, and check if the brakes stop motion quickly and safely. Some shops are not near trails, so demo events are your best bet. Finally, find out if the shop has a model you like in its rental fleet, check out here for bike rentals in Austin.

Get the right bike fit

An important step to choosing the right bike, no matter what type it is, is ensuring that it does fit you. Bikes are available in a range of frame sizes, which is a good point to start. Further, bike manufacturers also post size charts depending on the height range of each bike.

For specifics on finding the right size for you, contact Mellow Johnny’s, a bike shop in Austin with friendly and knowledgeable employees willing to work at your pace. They will explain the different bike parts, discuss bike maintenance, offer any service plans available, and even suggest accessories to make your rides more comfortable.

Post Author: Suzzy